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In iMovie, a Title is simply another form of clip.  You can create as many Titles as you like, then drop them into position on your timeline.  Once again, other clips will jump out of the way to make room.

In our movie, we chose two simple styles: “Stripe Subtitle” for the opening and “Centered Multiple” for the closing tags.


Choose a Title:

  • Click the Titles tab.  The Titles Pane will open.
  • Choose a Title from the list.

  • The Title effect will preview in the mini Preview Monitor.
  • Enter your Text. 
  • Hit the Preview key for a full-size preview.

If you’d like to enter more than 2 lines of text, choose a Title style that includes the word “Multiple” (i.e. “Centered Multiple.”). Add lines of text with the + key or delete lines with the key.


Customize Your Title:

You’ll probably want to change iMovie’s title templates.  Here are a few of the changes you can make.


  • Speed: This slider allows you to slow down or speed up your title effect.
  • Pause: How long will your Title remain onscreen once it appears?
  • Direction:  Some Titles include a Directional keypad.  Maybe you’d like your title to emerge from the left instead of the right.


  • Font, Size, and Color.
  • Over Black / Over Video: 
    • To run your Title over a black screen, check the box beside “Over black”
    • To run your Title over a video clip, deselect “Over black.” You’ll drop the Title icon directly before the chosen video clip on your timeline.  See below.
  • QT Margins: Do not check this box unless you’ll output to QuickTime.  Otherwise your text may fall outside of the TV Safe region.


Insert Your Title:

Now that you’ve made your adjustments, let’s add the Title to your movie:


  • Drag and drop the name of the Title or its icon into your timeline.
  • If you’re adding a Title “over black,” the Title clip will play in its entirety before the video clip that immediately follows on in the Timeline.
  • If you’re Title plays “over video,” the Title will be superimposed over the video clip that immediately follows on the timeline.

Keep in mind that a Title is another form of clip.  When you drop it into your timeline, it will push other clips aside and the changes will ripple throughout the rest of your timeline.


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