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Most of the time, you’ll probably make straight cuts from one clip to another.  But iMovie also provides you with an extensive palette of Transitions that will help you smooth the break between two successive clips.


Preview a Transition:


  • On the Timeline, locate the 2 clips that you’d like transition between.  Click on the 2nd clip (i.e. the one you want to transition into).
  • Click the “Trans” tab.  The Transition Pane will open, displaying iMovie’s list of Transitions.

  • Select a Transition from the list.  The mini Preview Monitor will preview this Transition as it applies to your 2 clips.
  • Adjust the Speed (or duration) of the Transition with the Speed Slider.
  • Some Transitions (such as “Billow”) also have a Directional keypad.  Click one of the Arrow keys to change the direction of the effect.
  • Click the Preview key for a full-size Preview in the iMovie Monitor.

Once you’ve made your adjustments, you’ll add the Transition to the Timeline.


Add a Transition:

  • Click on the icon beside the desired Transition.
  • Drag the Transition icon down to the Timeline and drop it between the two clips you’d like apply it to. 
  • iMovie will Render the clip, encoding the frames that make up this transition.  A little red line on the tile marks the progress of this rendering process.

If you change your mind, just hit “Undo.”  You can also highlight the Transition tile and tap the “Delete” key on your keyboard.


Clip Length Errors:

You’ll often see errors informing you that a clip isn’t long enough to perform your Transition.  For example, you can’t apply a 5 second transition across two 2-second clips, because iMovie needs sufficient footage from both clips. 

Try changing the Speed of your Transition.  If you can settle for a faster Transition, then iMovie may have enough frames to render the Transition.

Keep in mind that you’ll often need a little more footage than you might at first realize.  Grab handles and capture extra footage when you import.


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