If you have any questions or doubts at this point, please go back to the tutorial clarify them. From this point onwards we will be creating tables that are little more complicated than the simple tables we designed earlier. As you can see right now here is an example of a table where you have put your “Education”, your “Degree name”, your course work and the name of the University. This table right here is an example of putting all this information together. Another way of representing this information is right here. The same table can also be represented like this. The difference between the first table and the table right here is that the rows and columns have been modified a little bit to make the table look better. The first row doesn’t need any cells and it is just made as a single row. Similarly the second row does not need any cells and it is just made as a single row. The last row just has 2 cells instead of 3. And the rows in the middle have 2 cells each and the third cell is left empty. Now let’ see how to create this table using HTML. Here I how the page should look like in HTML. As you can see we don’t have borders for these tables as we have for the table above. That is the border of the table right here are invisible. Now let’s see the code that forms these tables. This is the code that forms the tables that we just saw. For the first table that gives the education the year and the name of the degree is right here the table starts from here and goes on. As you can see the border is declared to be 0.This is because we don’t want any border to be displayed but we just want the contents of each table for example, “Education”, “ School of Information ” to be displayed but not the border. In the first table the text displays year “2000-2002” and a hyperlink for School of Information , the table border is invisible. Another thing we can see here is the space used to display the text “200 – 2002 ” is 25% and the space required to display the hyperlink right here is 75% of the total space. If you see the code for this, it will reflect the same thing. The 25% of the cell is used to display the year and 75% is used to display the text in this row. This row right here consists of 2 cells one which is 25% of the whole length and other which is 75% of the whole length. Similarly the next row which starts from here has 25% of the area blank and 75% displays the text University of Texas and M.S. Information Studies which is right here. University of Texas and M.S. Information Studies this is the text displayed in this row 75% of this row and 25% of this row is kept blank, because we don’t want any text to be displayed in that area. Now let’s see the code for the text right here. Now let’s consider the text after this first row. This text can be considered as another table in itself which has rows and columns like any other table. Again this table will be part of the big table we have here. The big table has this as the first row, this as the second row and this as the third row. So here we need to design a nested table. Now let’s see how we can do that. The table of related course work starts from here, till this point. As you can see this table is part of this row right here. So this is the table and this is the row inside which the table is designed. The row in which the table is going to be has two cells a cell that is 25 % wide and is kept blank and a cell that is 75% wide and has this table inside it. So this is the cell that is 25% and is blank and this is the which is 75% and has this table inside it. The code for this table is right here. The table has width equal to 50 % and border equal to 0. The border is equal to 0 since we don’t want any border and the borders are to be invisible. The width of this table is 50%. This is because we want this table to fit inside this cell which is 75% of the whole screen. So this table will occupy only 50% of this 75% area right here. The next row which is the fourth row of this big table consists of this text and this text right here. The first part occupies 25% of total the area and the text right here occupies 75% of the total area. The next row just has this text. This means the area here is 25% is left blank and the 75% are is used to display this text. The code is right here. As you can see the assignments clearly state what we see.