Now letís start by creating tables for your digital resume. The first table that will be created is a table with just one row and 3 cells or 3 columns. The code for this table is pretty simple. The first part till this point consists of basic HTMl tags. The code for the table is right here. First, the border for the table is declared to be 1 as you can see here. And the width is declared to be 100%. Again the width of each cell is declared as 33%, as you can see for all three cells. And the text that goes inside each cell is aligned at the center. The advantage of using percentage for each cell and for the table is that the table will adjust itself in any browser. That is the width of the table will be same and the table will look the same in any browser and it will not be messed up at all when we increase or decrease the size of the window. Now we already know how to create a simple table using HTML. If you just increase the size of this window, the ratio of each cell in the window will not change. Here the size of each cell is equal, no matter how big or small the window is. This is because the code specifies that each cell be given 33% of the total area of this window and this row be given 100% of the area of this window. And the rule is followed as you can see increasing or decreasing the size of the window.