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Introduction and Objectives

This tutorial provides basic instruction on creating a resume using a text editor and HTML. This tutorial will focus on some important concepts in HTML programming, like creating tables in HTML. The task of creating a “Digital Resume” will be used as a medium to learn the above mentioned skills. This is not a “how-to-write-a-resume” tutorial.

This tutorial assumes that you:

1. have created a ‘public_html‘ directory in your iSchool server space
2. know HTML document structure and basic tags
3. know how to transfer files to and from your iSchool server space


After completing this tutorial, you will have a sample HTML resume and know how to:

• Center and justify text
• Design a web page table with rows and columns of text
• Write the HTML for an invisible table that creates side-by-side columns
• Create a table that has different colored cells
• Build a list of items with indented text block definitions
• Insert a footer at the bottom of your Web page
• Add embedded information that will help others find your site using Internet searches

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