This Tutorial will focus on some of the important concepts in HTML Programming like creating tables in HTML. To make the maximum use of this tutorial you should be familiar with the basic HTML tags. Let’s have a look at a basic HTML page. As you can see here there is a document that is saved as “.html”. Let’s go ahead and open this document. This document has two simple text lines. “Test Page” and a sentence which says “This is simple HTML page.” Let’s see how to code this page. You can do this by going “View”, clicking on view, go to source and click on source. Here is the code that was used to display the text we just saw. As you can see there is the “” tag at the start and the “” at the end to end the document. There is the “” and the “ ” and inside the head tag we have “” and “”. The main text that was displayed in this document goes inside the “” and “”. As you can see the text “Test Page” and the text “This is a simple HTML page”. Now let’s see the text page and it’s code side by side. This will explain lot of things. The tag “” and “” has the text “This is a test page!”. This text is displayed on the title as you can see in this window the text here is “This is a test page!”. Next tag is the body background color tag, as you can see the background color is specified to be white and as you can see here the background color is white. In this tutorial to learn advanced HTML we are going to accomplish the task of creating your digital resume using tables. This not a “how-to-create-your-resume” tutorial, but the topic is just to chosen to understand the concepts of HTML programming using tables. As you can see, here is a simple page which has a text “YourName” and the text which is actually a hyperlink. On your left hand side is the code that goes behind this document. The code is simple, it has the HTML tag, the head tag, the title, background tag, the alignment tag to align the text “Yourname” in center, and the tag “href” which creates a link to this URL and displays this text for that particular URL.