Now we're ready to save and upload to the server. Save your document as html - you may need to change the file type to "all files". I know TextEdit on a Mac won't let you save as html. You have to save as Rich Text and then rename the extension "html" after it is saved.

I will call my file "test.html". I should note that naming your file "index.html" makes it your default homepage. Meaning you will only have to enter "" to view it.

Now you're ready to drag and drop your newly made html file into your public_html directory using Secure Shell file transfer client for a PC or Fugu secure file transfer client for OS X. If you are stuck here, Chad Hutchens ( and Jason Molin ( have created fabulous tutorials for your reference needs.

Once you have successfully uploaded your html page, open a web browser and type I will type There it is, a hand-coded webpage.