Welcome to UT's School of Information tutorial on Fugu, an easy to use, free, Secure File Transfer Protocol software application for Mac OS X. What is Fugu you may be asking? Let's Google for Fugu. If you check this first link here, you'll see the Fugu puffer fish, native to the Pacific Ocean and considered a delicacy in Japan. It can inflate its body and project protective spikes which contain a powerful toxin that can shut down your central nervous system. But the other Fugu, the second link here, at the Research Systems Unix Group is Fugu software, which we're interested in, but is named after the fish because it has a strong security system and can carry whatever you need. It's a graphical front end to Secure File Transfer, the whole session is encrypted and best of all, it's free. Click on Download and then on Fugu's latest version, 1.0.0. Fugu will be downloaded, unstuffed, and its image mounted. You'll have to agree to the usage statement. Now you'll just simply follow the directions and drag the Fugu icon into the Applications folder. To open Fugu, find it where you dropped it, and double-click on the Fugu fish. If you want to make a shortcut, simply drag the big Fugu fish into the dock. In the next tutorial we'll connect to the ftp site.