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Downloading, Installing, and Opening

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Downloading, Installing, and Opening Fugu

Welcome to UT’s School of Information tutorial on Fugu, an easy to use, free, Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) software application for Mac OS X. Fugu was developed by the Research System Unix Group at the University of Michigan. You can find the free download and information at the Fugu homepage: http://rsug.itd.umich.edu/software/fugu/ or from Bevoware.

- Download, Install, and Open Fugu
- Connect to and Navigate Server Space
- Download and Upload Files
- Manage Files and Folders

Before we get started you might want to know the following acronyms:
SFTP: Secure File Transfer Protocol
SCP: Secure Copy Protocol
SSH: Secure Shell

Step 1:
To install Fugu, go to the Fugu homepage , and click on "Download". From the Download page select the latest version, Fugu-1.0.0.dmg.gz. The compressed files should be downloaded to your computer and automatically uncompressed and the Fugu disk image mounted.

Step 2:
If it doesn't open automatically, double click on the Fugu disk image. Follow the directions: drag and drop the Fugu icon to the Applications folder.

Step 3:
Double-click on the Fugu icon to open the application. (Drag the big Fugu Icon to the dock to create a shortcut.)

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