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Creating, Deleting, and Info

Step 1:
To delete files, simply select them and hit the Delete key. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion. Fugu does not support the deletion of folders with contents. First delete the contents; you can delete empty folders. (If the folder appears to be empty but cannot be deleted, make sure there are no hidden files by selecting Show Hidden Files in the SFTP menu.)

Step 2:
To rename a file, select it and hit the Enter key to make it editable. Once you’ve retyped the name, hit Enter to save the new name. If you don’t want to save what you’ve typed, simply click on another file to leave it unaltered.

Step 3:
To see an item’s attributes, select it and click the Info button along the top to see General information such as file size, type, date, and location. Click on the Permission tab to set Read, Write, and Execute properties.

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