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Connecting and Navigating

Step 1:
Enter the School of Information ftp address (ftp.ischool.utexas.edu), your School of Information user name, and your School of Information password. The Port and Directory fields are optional - you can leave them blank. When you click on the Connect button, you will be asked for your School of Information password.

Step 2:
Once your password is authenticated, you will see the main interface with files from your computer on the left in the Local Home window and files from your server space on the right in the Remote Home window.

Step 3:
Double click on a directory folder to see its contents. A dropdown menu gives you a few directory options. To get out of a directory, click the up arrow beside the dropdown menu and go up one level in the directory hierarchy. To see up to the last 20 folders you’ve visited, click on the History Icon along the top. Use the Local Home and Remote Home buttons to get back to where you started.


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