Fugu makes it very easy to create new folders and to delete them with these two buttons at the top. You can disconnect and reconnect here. One thing to note is that Fugu will not delete a folder until its empty. If the folder appears to be empty but can't be deleted, it might be because it has hidden files. To show those, go to SFTP, Show Hidden Files. Now let's look at the Info button at the top. This will tell you all about your folder or your file. Let's look first at the Permissions. This sets who you want to be able to read, write to, or execute your file or folder. This is the public_html folder where we'll keep our web pages so we want this typical 755 configuration where only we can write to it, but everybody else can read it and execute it. With the Owner/Group tab, you can redefine who the Owner or the Group is. The General tab shows how big our file is, exactly where it is, type, and date.