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This tutorial introduces you to Eudora, a full featured email program available to students at the University of Texas through Bevoware. Eudora allows you to manage multiple email accounts; you can also "teach" Eudora to figure out on its own what is junk mail or not junk mail. Let's begin by installing Eudora Pro 6.0.3...

Open a web browser and go to the Bevoware website at to download Eudora Pro 6.0.3 .

Unzip and install Eudora using the default settings in the wizard.

Open Eudora and use the new account wizard to set Eudora to send and receive email.

Follow the instructions to create a new email account:

- Type in your name
- Email address
- Login name
- INCOMING SERVER - (if you are using your ischool address:
- OUTGOING EMAIL SERVER - (ischool server:


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