Welcome to the Tutorial Junction on Even More Dreamweaver. In this part of the tutorial, we¡¦ll introduce how to design and create a Web page in Page Layout View. Page Layout refers to the way your page will look in the browser, such as where a menu or images will go. To begin, open a new file in Dreamweaver MX and go to window, select insert, then you will see this tool bar will appear. There are two visual design views. One is Standard View, the other is Layout View. Layout view is one of two visual design views in Dreamweaver. Layout view allows you to draw layout cells or layout tables into which you can add content such as images, text, or other media. Before you create your Web page, you must have a very clear idea about how your Web page will look like and where you¡¦re going to put your images, and where you will write your content.

Before you create your Web page in Page Layout View, make sure the ¡§Layout View¡¨ has been selected. You need draw a layout table first, and on the layout table you can draw layout cells and decide where you put your image and where you put your content. Fist of all, you need position your cursor on the page, and click on the Draw Layout Table button. Your cursor will turn into a cross. Drag your cursor to create the table. You can grab the table handles to resize the table. If you want to specify the table size, you can go to window, and check ¡§Properties¡¨. Right here, you can type the number for the width and the height to change the table size.

Now you can draw a layout cell on the layout table to define the design area of a document. This task is easier to accomplish if you prepare a sample of the page you're creating before you begin laying out a page. To begin, position you cursor on your page, and click on the ¡§Draw Layout Button¡¨. Your cursor will turn into a cross. And drag you cursor to create a cell. For this page in this example, I will draw a first cell for my image. And I will draw a second cell for my page title. Each time you want to draw a new cell, you need click on ¡§Draw Layout Cell¡¨ again. The third cell is for my navigation. I will draw another cell for the main content of the page. Right here, this is where the image goes. And this is my title. This is where navigation goes, and this is for my main content of the page. You can also resize the cell. Click the cell edge or hold down Control and click anywhere in the cell, you will see the selection handles will appear around the cell. You can use the selection handles to drag the cell to your chosen size.