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Based on Dreamweaver Basics, this tutorial will introduce more design functions in Dreamweaver MX. By the end of the tutorial, you will know:

  1. How to create your Web page in layout view
  2. How to insert Flash Text and Flash Button objects
  3. How to apply Cascading Style Sheets to your Web pages
  4. How to create and use Dreamweaver Templates
  5. How to create a Web Photo Album


Layout View: Layout view is one of two visual design views in Dreamweaver. Layout view allows you to draw layout cells or layout tables into which you can add content such as images, text, or other media.

Flash Button: Flash buttons are created from Flash templates that ship with Dreamweaver. The Flash button has a rollover effect and you can easily customize a template button and add it to your Web pages.

Flash Text: Flash Text allows you to design Web pages that use nonstandard fonts without worrying about which fonts visitors to your site have available on their computers.

Cascading Style Sheets: A style is a group of formatting attributes that control the appearance of a range of text in a single document. A CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) style can be used to control many documents at once and includes all of the styles for a document.

Template: A template is a common structure of the web site that most of your web pages use. You can create the basic layout and navigation system once and use it as a template for each of your pages. Macromedia Dreamweaver templates can be modified at any time, and the changes will be updated on each template-based page.

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