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HTML Resume for the Web

An HTML resume offers several advantages:
• it can be hyperlinked
• it can be searched by web crawlers
• it can link to your MS Word, PDF and text-only versions of
your resume, providing employers with three print-friendly
versions of your resume

There are three ways you can create an HTML resume:
• Save your Microsoft Word resume as HTML
• Use one of the many WYSIWIG (pronounced Wizzy-wig:
What You See Is What You Get) HTML editors available
• Code your own HTML resume - which is much easier than
it sounds

Many serious Web page programmers (professional and otherwise) use a combination of the two methods. HTML coding does offer some advantages. It is cheap; all you need is a text editor like Notepad or SimpleText. It offers ultimate control, which can result in smaller, more flexible pages. On the other hand, using a Web page editor such as Dreamweaver can be faster for some tasks, and it doesn't require an extensive knowledge of HTML. However, many editors create overly large HTML code that will make your page take longer to download, and the code may not work with all browsers.

A combination approach is the most flexible. HTML knowledge can make you more productive in any editor, plus troubleshooting pages (why doesn't it look the way I want it to?) becomes much easier. Also, it will allow you to implement features in your pages that your favorite editor may not support.

Saving your MS Word resume as HTML:
1) Open your original MS Word resume.
2) Create hyperlinks to your MS Word, Text-only and PDF versions of your resume.

MS Word hyperlink
a. Near the top of your MS Word resume, type the following:
MS Word
b. Highlight MS Word, right click and select "Hyperlink"
c. Link text to yourlastname.doc

PDF hyperlink
a. Near the top of your MS Word resume, type the following:
b. Highlight PDF, right click and select "Hyperlink"
c. Link text to yourlastname.pdf

Text-only hyperlink
a. Near the top of your MS Word resume, type the following:
b. Highlight Text-only, right click and select "Hyperlink"
c. Link text to yourlastname.txt

Use this same method to create hyperlinks from your resume to the Web sites of former employers, universities or other Web pages you have created.

3) When you are finished creating hyperlinks, from the File menu, select "Save As Web Page." Enter:
a. File name: yourlastname
b. Save as type: Select "Web page"
Click "Save."

4) Double check your HTML resume by double-clicking on the new yourlastname.htm icon.

5) If you are satisfied with the appearance, upload yourlastname.htm to your public_html folder.

Check your work - here's what your final resume should look like.

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