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Often, the digital image you are working with includes more visual information than what you really want. The process of selecting what you do want and then deleting the rest of the image is called cropping. This is akin to trimming printed photos with scissors to fit into a frame or remove unwanted details.  

NOTE: The difference between the Crop function and the Cut function is this:   Crop removes what is outside your selection marquee; Cut removes what is inside your selection marquee.  

To crop an image, select the portion of the image you wish to keep by using one of the marquee tools from the toolbox. Then go to Image >> Crop (Figure 8). Your image will be reduced to what was inside your selection, or in the case of using the elliptical marquee (as in this example), it is reduced to what rectangular format most closely approaches the edges of the selection circle (Figure 9).

Figure 8
Figure 9


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