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Removing Red-Eye

There is a common need to retouch photos of people or animals to remove the red-eye that occurs when using the flash on the camera. Since there are lots of tools out there to do this, I'll just briefly explain the basics of removing red-eye, and give you links to more software-specific information.

Whatever tool you are using, you will basically be performing these tasks:

  • open your image file
  • zoom in on the eye/s you want to fix
  • configure the "remove red-eye" tool with some settings best suited to your image
  • choose a replacement color for the red you wish to replace
  • drag or paint over the red with the mouse, replacing the red with the color you chose

After you have done this once or twice, you'll be a pro. Remember, you can always go to the Help menu in your image editor and type "remove red-eye" to find helpful information.

Here are some links to software specific instructions and more detailed information about the "how" and "why" of red-eye:


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