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Before I set you loose to create great graphics on your own, there are a few things I'd like to point out. Some are helpful lessons many must learn the hard way, and some are just fun features you can use to radically change your images. Keep experimenting!

Save for Web
When you're working on a .psd, you're likely going to want to eventually to have your file saved as a gif or jpg. In the file menu, you can select "Save for Web," located under save, to do so. When you select it, a new window will open allowing you to make choices about how you want to save and optimize your image. You can select transparency options, matte colors, and file types to apply. This way, you don't need to flatten your .psd just to get a jpg or gif image.

save for web dialog
Save for Web dialog

Ctrl-click for selecting a layer
To easily select the entire contents of a layer, press ctrl and click on the preview box for that layer in the layers pane.

Playing with filters
To really get a feel for what Photoshop can do, PLAY WITH FILTERS! Just make a selection and try something from the filters menu. Because you have multiple levels of undo and step backward, you can try some really elaborate combinations of effects without worrying that you'll ruin your file.

filters menu
The Filters Menu

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