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Fellowship Details

Three fellowships are available to support doctoral study in preservation at the School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin. These fellowships offer a generous stipend and will pay tuition and fees for two years of full-time study in 2006-2008.

Academic Year 2006-07 (Fall, Spring, Summer) - $22,000 stipend + $15,675 tuition/fees

Academic Year 2007-08 (Fall, Spring, Summer) - $23,000 stipend + $16,460 tuition/fees

*Tuition is based on out-of-state rates.

Preservation Administration Fellow

The Preservation Administration Fellow will work with Ellen Cunningham-Kruppa, Director of the Kilgarlin Center for Preservation of the Cultural Record. The fellow can take advantage of Ms. Cunningham-Kruppa's twenty plus years working in the preservation and archives fields, and teaching in and directing the nation's premier library and archives preservation and conservation education program. Her research and teaching interests focus on preservation philosophy, issues of selection for preservation, and the use of digital technologies for preservation. The doctoral preservation fellow will be encouraged to work with the School's large preservation and conservation faculty and student body, and to mine the productive relationships developed between the Kilgarlin Center and the University of Texas at Austin Libraries. The Center also maintains collegial working relationships with numerous national and international institutions and professional associations. Given the relative youth of the preservation and conservation LIS subfield, and the fact that little research has been accomplished in this field, there are a plethora of topics awaiting serious investigation.

Preservation and Information Policy Fellow

The Preservation and Information Policy Fellow will work with Philip Doty, Associate Professor at the School of Information and an Associate Director of the Telecommunications and Information Policy Institute ( at the University of Texas at Austin. His research and teaching interests focus on federal information policy, especially copyright, privacy, and culture in print and digital domains. The fellow will develop an individualized program of study and research program in the intersection of preservation and information policy, taking advantage of the interdisciplinary, graduate portfolio program in Communication, Information, and Cultural Policy ( sponsored by the School of Information, the College of Communication, the LBJ School of Public Affairs, and the College of Fine Arts. The fellow will also be encouraged to use the research, teaching, and service capabilities offered thorough the Telecommunications and Information Policy Institute.

Digital Preservation Fellow

The Digital Preservation Fellow will work with Patricia Galloway in her research and projects on the preservation of digital objects. The fellow can take advantage of the presence of a DSpace repository installation at the School of Information, providing both a working archive for the School and a testbed for student projects. Developing relationships with digital archiving and preservation initiatives at The University of Texas Libraries on campus will also provide abundant research opportunities. Relevant student research areas could include development of tools for the appraisal, archiving, and migration of digital objects; research on preservation of specific genres of digital objects; and investigation of the institutionalization of digital archives where they do not already exist. One example PhD project in this area is investigating text mining as a tool for testing archival macro-appraisal.

Timeline for Preservation Fellows program:

Year 1 (2006-2007) Fellows take School of Information core PhD seminars and other coursework (including summer courses), begin mentoring MasterŐs students as research assistants, and begin to assist with planning a preservation conference sponsored by the Kilgarlin Center and the School of Information and planned for 2007.
Year 2 (2007-2008) Fellows continue coursework, continue mentoring, carry out a summer internship, present research at a professional conference, and assist with preparation of the conference on preservation and in editing resulting conference proceedings.
Year 3 (2008-2009) Fellows complete coursework and qualifying examinations, continue mentoring, prepare dissertation proposal, enter into candidacy, and begin research.
Year 4 (2009-2010) Fellows undertake research and dissertation writing, prepare interim reports on their work to be presented at meetings and published in the Kilgarlin reports series, and continue mentoring until graduation.

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