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All School of Information students and faculty members have space on the server to publish web pages. First, you must add a directory and set permissions:
  1. Log into your School of Information account on

  2. Create a "public_html" subdirectory under your home directory. Type at the $

    mkdir public_html

    and press return.

    Then change the permissions so people can view your pages. Type at the $

    chmod 755 public_html

    and press return.

  3. Create a file called "index.html" (for your home page) and/or "resume.html" (for your resume). The contents of your index.html or resume.html file must be written in HTML. You can use a text editor such as Notepad and WordPad on a PC, or TextEdit on a Mac. You can also use an HTML editor such as Dreamweaver or Mozilla. When you have finished, you will upload these pages into your public_html directory.

    For additional information on how to use your School of Information account to upload web pages, check out the How to Use Your School of Information Account tutorial.